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The Lower Merion Education Association is the local union for Lower Merion School District employees. One of only a very few “merged locals,” the LMEA consists of more than 1400 members in both professional and support staff. We are proud to serve our members through our many representative committees and through advocacy and support in working with, and for, the LMSD Board; and to serve the LM community through local partnerships fostered by our members through Outreach.

LMEA Spotlight
The LMEA recognizes these are difficult, troubling times and that members of our community are struggling to deal with the tragic murder of George Floyd—and many others—and the tension resulting from it. As educators, our work focuses always on envisioning and working toward a better future. We don’t have all the answers right now, but we do know that a better future doesn’t include racism, and it doesn’t include the murder of unarmed citizens by the police. Instead, we picture our students—all of them—living and working as members of a community in which everyone works together, listens to each other, and treats one another with care and respect. The LMEA stands with those who have not yet felt their voices heard, and we pledge to continue working with those who struggle to listen. Members who want to get involved can join our efforts to engage with the Lower Merion community through Outreach, and the LMEA will continue to unequivocally support its members who wish to advocate for others in their own communities.

Reopening survey results:

The following link will provide the results to the joint LMEA, LMSD, and LMOSA Back-to-School Poll for LMSD Employees that was completed to assist the District in refining our plans, strategies and supports for reopening our schools.

Back-to-School survey results!

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